Saturday, February 1, 2020

Multistate Regulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multistate Regulation - Essay Example g practice is expanded on a daily basis through technology, and the new modalities in place that encourage the practice by nurses, wherever they are, or might go (Hann, 2007). This paper will examine the pros and cons of multistate regulation on the health care fraternity, and what it means to have rules in place to regulate the profession over state lines. Once one is a licensed medical practitioner, it is their right to practice their profession in any state they want to practice. This is one advantage brought on by the multistate regulation. If a medical practitioner is willing to conduct their business electronically, or physically, it is their right to do so, provided the licensing board in their state has approved of their practice (Hann, 2007). Also, if their practice is in agreement with the procedures and guidelines of the state in which they want to practice. Under mutual recognition, the multistate regulation ensures that medical practitioners may practice their profession across state lines (Hann, 2007). This is if there are no restrictions. Another advantage of the multistate regulation is the creation of diverse experiences. The nursing profession essentially benefits from the enhancement of opportunities created through regulation. It is imperative that medical practitioners get the exposure from different areas so as to bring diversification to the table. This is possible through multistate regulation policies. Health insurance companies are incurring tremendous losses as they tend to obey the different guidelines in the respective state (Milstead, 2013). This is a different scenario present, because, if these insurance companies would comply with a single regulatory body, it would be easier to conduct business. They would incur fewer costs by getting compliance from a single body, than multiple regulatory standards, which each state requires. The costs incurred drive up a company’s expenses, which are unnecessary. If the insurance companies

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