Monday, December 30, 2019

Feminist Perspective Wild By Cheryl Strayed - 1261 Words

Feminist Perspective Theory in Wild by Cheryl Strayed. â€Å"Wild† is a memoir by American author, Cheryl Strayed, documenting her journey of self-discovery as she traverses along the Pacific Crest Trail. In the book Cheryl documents her own personal journey in 1995 after her mother’s death, the book was published in 2012. This paper seeks to explicate the feminists’ perspective in the book, through analysing events, occurrence and thoughts as documented by the author. At the age of 22 Cheryl’s mother, Bobbie, died of lung cancer. This event play a key role play a key role in destroying their fragile family. After the passing of the family’s matriarch the family becomes dysfunctional, Eddie who is Cheryl stepfather, disengages from the family†¦show more content†¦After parting with his first husband, she takes on the role of raising her children by herself. She provides for the food, shelter, clothing and education even without a man on her own. This may serve to ridicule her own stance to stick in an abusive relationship. Even after meeting her second husband Eddie she still remains the sole breadwinner of the family. This event serves to show that some of the insecurities that women have about themselves are untrue and should be discouraged. Nonetheless, single parenting is not walk in the park for the mother of three, it is marred with significant hardships and challenges, which he all overcomes. This goes ahead to portray women as strong, powerful humans. On her journey, Cheryl encounters so many people who are startled that a woman is hiking alone. â€Å"so impressed that a woman is doing this hike alone†. (233). However, encouraging and well-meaning this comment is, it reeks off a generational stereotype. Beings impressed by someone achievement only because they are women propagates the notion that some tasks are only meant for men and therefore any woman perfuming them strikes as an oddity. Given that she only encounters only one female hiker, it is evident that hiking through the Pacific Crest Trail is predominantly perceived to be a â€Å"a man’s job†. As if on cue she takes on this difficult challenge. Her narration at the beginning serves to highlight the enormity of her decision, â€Å"There was the flip decision

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