Saturday, December 14, 2019

Shamel and Calcium Free Essays

Part per million Total Dissolved Solid Membrane area Pressure in the feed, retentate and permeate streams 1. Introduction The concepts of â€Å"osmosis† and â€Å"reverse osmosis† have been known for many years. Studies on osmosis were carried out as early as 1748 by the French scientist Nollet. We will write a custom essay sample on Shamel and Calcium or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many researches reported on reverse osmosis system and desalination of seawater, Most of them using hollow fiber or spiral wound membrane in their research [1]. Effects of different operating parameters (feed water concentration, temperature, pressure and flow rate) on membrane performance were examined using RO system [2]. Sensitivity of different design parameters (internal diameter, total number of tubes) on the recovery ratio was also studied [3]. Besides predicting the performance of RO membrane, several models for mass transport in membrane have been developed such as solution-diffusion model, models from irreversible thermodynamics, etc. [4 and 5]. Simulation and optimization of various RO membrane, study on concentration polarization in RO system and many case study on existing plant was reported. Although many studies were conducted on reverse osmosis membrane, tubular membrane was rarely investigated. This study is aimed at investigating the tubular RO module. The performance of this membrane on different operating parameters has been examined and the best operating condition of RO system with the best permeate quality were utilised to produce drinking water from seawater. 2. Chemicals and Methods The feed stock for reverse osmosis system is the seawater. How to cite Shamel and Calcium, Papers

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